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How parents can win at the college admissions game

There’s a lot of stress and hype about college. It’s understandable because we hear so much about how competitive it is to get in to college while the rising costs of tuition makes college a major investment.

Parents of college-bound teens are concerned about their teen getting in to college and getting scholarships. Depending on the grade of your teen, though, those concerns may differ greatly. Here are examples of concerns that I see in my practice at each grade level:

  • Parent of middle schooler concern – how the right high school can make a difference with your teen’s college chances
  • Parent of 9th grader concern – the activities resume and how community service or athletics play a role
  • Parent of 10th grader concern – how the summer before junior year is spent and how to balance academic rigor
  • Parent of an 11th grader concern – how changes to the Common App will affect the college application process

parents can get help with college admissionsThese are very different concerns and each make a difference when it comes to your teen’s chances of getting in to their top choice colleges and getting the money to make college affordable.

Parents play an important role in college admissions because let’s face it . . . sometimes, teens need a bit of nagging to do what they need to do. More importantly, parents often don’t have the same level of support from the school as their teen. Parents are then left to sift through countless websites for reliable information that’s quickly overwhelming.

You can join me for a quick 20-minute training if you have a teen currently in the 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade during my FB Live series the week of April 24-28. Attend one or all sessions to get the insight and tools to help your teen achieve their best potential.

Facebook Live: How to help your Teen
Get in and Get Money for College
April 24-28, 2017


Day 1: April 24 at 2 pm EST What parents of middle schoolers must know

Day 2: April 25 at 2 pm EST What parents of 9th graders must know

Day 3: April 26 at 2 pm EST What parents of 10th graders must know

Day 4: April 27 at 2 pm EST What parents of 11th graders must know

Day 5: April 28 at 2 pm EST What parents of college-bound teens must know now – Wrap up Party!


Please let me know if you’d like a reminder. Also, what questions do you have that I could answer during the event? You may post your questions or comments below.

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