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Choosing a College: How to Find the Right Academic Fit

Choosing a College: How to Find the Right Academic Fit

Choosing a college isn’t a quick or easy decision for most students. Students must consider five key features of a school when choosing a college: Academic fit, Social fit, Financial
Summer reading for teens who hate reading

Five Tips for Teaching Your Child to Love Reading (and How This Can Help Them Get Into College!)

What if I told you helping your child develop a love for reading is one of the best gifts you can give? It will benefit your child throughout her life—teens
extra activities apply to college

Will this activity help my teen get in college?

When a parent asks me “Should my child do this activity?” I usually cringe. This question is bothersome because it’s a rather loaded question in that what parents really are

How to avoid overpaying for college

If you are the parent of a college-bound teen and your family is likely to not qualify for financial aid, then there are three lessons from this most recent admissions
save time seeking scholarship money

How to save time when seeking money for college

During a recent FB Live show, I discussed “Grants and Scholarships 101 for Parents of college-bound teens”. Although teens are applying for the scholarships, oftentimes, parents are searching and later