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Get into University of Chicago with these 4 Tips!

Last year, the University of Chicago received far more applications beyond its admitted class size of 1,400. Even if it is somewhat of a reach to be admitted, potential applicants should still consider UChicago if it is a good match. The best way to get a feel for whether it’s a fit is through visiting. Although I lived on the campus of UChicago years ago, I visited recently to learn about the campus through the lens of my students.

The admissions presenter and the student guide emphasized the academic structure. This emphasis couldn’t have been more different from the presentation and tour at the University of Cincinnati, as noted in my recent posting. Thus, potential applicants to UChicago should be familiar with the important role of the Common Core and how it shapes the culture of UChicago.

I learned also through my recent visit to the campus that potential applicants may improve their chances of admissions by paying attention to these tips:

  • Complete the Chicago Supplement, even if you use the Common Application
  • Do not make lists, as your essay. All essays should be written in a paragraphed format
  • Re-take the SAT/ACT, if you think you will do better on a re-take . . . UChicago super scores!
  • Express yourself in the essay, so that the readers get to know who you are. The application review considers all aspects of your submission, not just your transcript or test scores.

University of Chicago

In addition to its urban campus and high-quality academics, I was impressed to learn that UChicago students have so many options to build community and enjoy the college experience. There are over 400 student organizations, and my personal favorite is the Zombie Readiness Task Force. Although there is no quidditch team (you can always create one!), there is “broomball” instead!

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