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Where you can Go to College for FREE . . . Study Abroad

Lately, I’ve had several conversations with parents who are seeking ways to further reduce the cost of their college investment. An alternative to the high cost of tuition for US colleges is attending college in another country.

Here are 7 countries to consider:

  1. Germany
  2. Finland
  3. France
  4. Sweden
  5. Norway
  6. Slovenia
  7. Brazil

While it may sound great on paper (or during cocktail party conversations), there are several questions parents should ask to make sure that this option is viable for their teen. These 3 questions capture the overall fit that makes a difference in whether a student is successful in college, in the US or abroad:

  • Is studying abroad for college a good academic fit?
  • How will my teen fit in socially during their college years on a campus abroad?
  • What other financial costs will there be that may offset the tuition savings?

Then the flip-side of these questions will be those questions that the parents must ask themselves, like can they emotionally bear having their teen “so far” away from home. That’s a difficult question for many parents to answer whether they are sending their first or their last child off to college.

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