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Get your “Glee” on with tips for how to apply to college in visual or performing arts

The subtitle for this show could have been “So you think you can Dance? Sing? Play an instrument? Draw?” Or another subtitle could have been “It’s more than a Youtube video.” We discussed “How to apply to College in the Visual and Performing Arts.”

Many families may not realize until right before the admissions deadlines that the process for applying to major in the visual or performing arts or even if you want to participate in those areas as extracurricular, is a bit more nuanced. For example, the Common Application has a place where you can indicate if you’re applying to a college and want to pursue those interests. Some colleges even have special deadlines and regional auditions for those who want their talents to be considered in their admissions portfolio.

My guest featured in this segment is Halley Shefler, who formerly served as Dean of Admissions for the Boston Conservatory, played with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and recently founded ArtsEdge, which counsels students on visual and performing arts admissions. Halley shares with listeners those nuances and insider tips on how to apply to college in the visual and performance arts.

Please listen to this show BEFORE you even think about applying to college in the visual or performing arts!

How to Apply to College in Visual and Performing Arts

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