Increased applications to University of California, perhaps due to SAT Subject tests

All nine of the University of California campuses received over 160 thousand applications for Fall 2012 admissions. This figure represented an overall 13% increase over last year, with a 19% increase for freshman admissions and a 4% decline in transfer applicants. The 93,000 resident freshmen applicants included a diverse pool:

  • 44.5% – first-generation
  • 39% – family income less than $44K annual
  • 30% – Latino background

UC has its own separate application and not a member of the Common Application. A change that may have attributed to this year’s increased number of applicants is that UC eliminated the requirement of two SAT subject tests. (Wow, that must have really put a dent in the College Board’s revenue stream!)

Approximately 33,000 out-of-state prospective freshmen applied to the UCs. It will be interesting to learn whether the admissions rate for non-residents is more favorable given the funding shortage in California. Reports indicate that non-residents currently comprise about 7% of the overall student body versus a mandated cap of 10%. Last year, the more popular campuses for non-residents were Berkeley, which admitted about 22%; UCLA, 15%; and UCSD at 12%. Perhaps if you’re a non-resident, you should add Davis, Riverside, or Santa Cruz to your list. 🙂 Either way, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all my highly qualified resident and non-resident applicants to the UC campus of their choice!